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Here are our answers to the questions we get asked most often about Roof Maxx. Still have questions? Let us know at and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Will Roof Maxx Seal My Roof from Leaks?

Roof Maxx does not seal leaks but is the perfect addition to roof maintenance treatments. Roof Maxx is a durable rejuvenator that is all-natural and non-toxic. It is applied after leaks have been sealed and repairs have been made, and is used to extend the life of your roof. 

Part of the issue with dried-out shingles is that they’re more likely to crack, break, and curl, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. And while Roof Maxx isn’t a sealant or a way to patch holes, it is a penetrant that soaks down into asphalt shingles and replenishes their oils, restoring their strength and flexibility closer to that of new shingles. This prevents the kind of cracking, breaking, and curling that can lead to leaks. 

We are often asked, “Will Roof Maxx seal my roof from leaks?” No, it doesn’t seal any existing leaks or stop future leaks. However, prior to any treatment, we assess your roof and perform a roof tune-up, focusing on all the most leak-prone areas of your roof such as raised flashings, dried-out sealants, exposed nails, etc. in an effort to minimize or potentially stop any current or future leaks.

In addition to increasing strength and flexibility, and extending the life of your roof, there are numerous benefits to using Roof Maxx treatments.

  • Improves shingle durability and wind resistance.
  • Slows down granule loss on the top protective layer with improved adhesion.
  • Creates stronger resistance against impact damage from hail.

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