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Can Roof Maxx Help New Roofs Last Longer?

Short Answer: We do not suggest treating with Roof Maxx until the top granule coating begins shedding off. Once this begins to happen, it’s a sign the roof is undergoing stress during contraction and expansion. 

While Roof Maxx is an exceptional solution for extending roof life, we don’t recommend using it on newer roofs. Typically, you should consider Roof Maxx treatment when you notice the top granule coating starting to shed, indicating your roof is experiencing stress from contraction and expansion.

For residents in warmer southern climates, a roof less than 5 – 7 years old likely still retains much of its original oil, and in northern climates, this applies to roofs less than 7 – 10 years old. Therefore, these roofs might not need a Roof Maxx treatment yet.

However, if your roof is nearing these age ranges or you can see the wear and tear sooner, we suggest having a Roof Maxx dealer assess it for granule loss and other potential issues and ultimately determine whether Roof Maxx could start prolonging your roof’s life right now – adding up to 5 years with a single treatment!

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