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Can Roof Maxx Help New Roofs Last Longer?

Be aware that if your asphalt roof is less than 6-8 years old and you live in warmer southern climates or is less than 8-10 years old and you live in northern climates, it may still have much of its original oil. This means it likely won’t need to be treated with Roof Maxx just yet. But, if your roof is close to those age ranges, it’s best to have a Roof Maxx dealer at least check it for granule loss and other issues to see if Roof Maxx can start extending the life of your roof (by 5 years!) right now.

Owning a home means replacing things as they get old and lose their usefulness. This applies to furniture, appliances, and even your roof. No matter how well you treat the things inside and outside your home, there will come a time when things need to be upgraded. When that time comes for your roof, choose Roof Maxx. 

Can Roof Maxx help new roofs last longer? While Roof Maxx is great for lengthening the life of a roof that’s been around for a few years or more, a newly installed roof isn’t going to benefit from Roof Maxx treatments. 

Roofs are designed to last a long time—several decades, in fact. Don’t rely too heavily on that number though, especially if you plan on selling your house or are staying in it long-term. With the proper maintenance, a new roof can last even longer. To get that longer-lasting roof, use Roof Maxx.

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