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What’s Roof Maxx Made Of?

The primary ingredient in Roof Maxx is soy methyl ester, a food-grade, non-toxic oil made from soybeans. Soy methyl ester is not only the primary ingredient in Roof Maxx, but also in recent upgraded technology in new award-winning Goodyear tires. We love being in good company.

Using soy-based technology, Roof Maxx was able to use the oil from soybeans (also known as soy methyl ester) to replace lost oil. The oil is fused into millions of tiny microbeads that can quickly penetrate shingles and give them back their flexibility, durability, and waterproofing abilities. It works almost immediately and gives shingles back the ability to shed water, keep granules in place, and even withstand the blunt force that can break shingles.

When shingles are made, they’re soaked in a petrochemical oil that allows them to expand and contract with the weather. Over time, this oil dries out and causes shingles to become brittle. Roof Maxx wanted to find a way to replace these lost oils.

Our spray is made solely from all-natural, food-based products which also helps us to reduce our environmental footprint. In the future, we hope to replace the need to soak shingles in petroleum and use only soy and other natural ingredients to give shingles the flexibility and durability needed to withstand the elements.

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