Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I treat asphalt shingles with Roof Maxx?

    Most asphalt roofs show some signs of drying out between six and 10 years depending on region and intensity of the Sun’s UV rays.
  • What are the signs my roof is drying out?

    When the shingle’s protective top granule coating (sunblock for shingles) begins shedding off into the gutters. This happens as essential oil drys out of the asphalt causing brittleness.

    Black stains and streaking on the shingles. Although not a sign of brittleness it is a sign of age. Most roofs with staining are shedding the protective top coating to varying degrees. Note: Staining does not harm the roof and is only an aesthetic issue.

  • Is Roof Maxx safe?

    YES, Roof Maxx is 100% safe for people, pets, property and the environment because it’s an all natural food grade product. Any overspray is rinsed away with a hose or rain.
  • What does the 5 year limited warranty cover?

    The warranty covers the shingles. Like a standard shingle manufacturers warranty it does not cover against leaks. If you need to replace your roof during the warranty period the unused portion will be applied towards a new roof. The warranty is fully transferable – useful in real estate transactions. Note: Other warranties or guarantees may be offered by the Authorized Roof Maxx Dealer completing the work. Ask dealer for details.
  • What are the weather requirements?

    Temperature: It must be above 32 degrees for application.
    Rain: Roof Maxx quickly penetrates the shingle’s top layer, typically within 30 minutes, eliminating rain wash off concerns.
  • Does Roof Maxx change the appearance of my roof?

    Roof Maxx will bring your shingles back closer to their original color. Most shingles lighten in color as the oil drys out. Roof Maxx’s natural oil re-saturates your shingles restoring color.
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