The Fountain of Youth for Your Old Roof

A Revolutionary Treatment Guaranteed to Extend Your Old Roof’s Life up to 15 years

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“It stopped the coating from shedding
off my failing roof and it still looks great after nearly 3 years.”

– Jerry Linkhorn, Ohio’s #1 Property Inspection Company

Linkhorn Inspection Group performs over 4000 inspections annually

Ohio State University Study Reveals…

“A Roof Maxx treatment reverses the aging process of old roof shingles closer to those of new roof shingles.”

  1. Shingle Pliability

    Roof Maxx significantly improved the flexibility of the asphalt shingles passing ASTM testing.

  2. Protective Top Coating

    Roof Maxx significantly improved the granule adhesion, to levels close to those of new shingles.

  3. Shingle Permeability

    Roof Maxx improved the permeability by about 60%, restoring values closer to those of new shingles.

  4. Hail Impact

    The average depression size decreased by about 24% after Roof Maxx treatment.

  5. Fire, Spread of Flame

    Roof Maxx does not increase fire risk.

Before Roof Maxx Treatment

After Roof Maxx Treatment

Shingle Pliability Significantly Improved Flexibility

Protective Top Coating Significantly Improved Adhesion

Shingle Permeability Restored values closer to those of new shingles

Hail Impact Improved Impact Resistance

Fire Spread of Flame No increased risk

*The Ohio State University study was based on laboratory testing conducted by PRI Materials Testing Labs in Tampa, FL, using ASTM International performance standards.
Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement by The Ohio State University.

“I was really amazed that the Roof Maxx product
restored 30 year old shingles.”


— Jonathan Casilli
Director of Construction, Novel Property Ventures

Novel Property Ventures owns a property in New Jersey with 30 year old roofs. In April of 2018 they treated the worst building to test Roof Maxx and see the impact of the product. In June a large windstorm hit the area causing roof damage to every building in the 30 building complex except the one treated with Roof Maxx which sustained no roof damage.

Novel’s Director of Construction, Jonathan Casilli was so impressed that he contracted for another 14 buildings in the complex to be treated in August of 2018. In October several large windstorms hit the area causing widespread damage to the roofs of the untreated buildings. However, the 15 buildings treated with Roof Maxx sustained no roof damage.

Because of these results Novel has committed to treating the remaining 15 buildings in the spring of 2019. The Ohio State University has scientifically proven that Roof Maxx increases resistance to wind and hail damage by restoring the roof’s flexibility closer to those of new roof shingles. This case study is a great example of real world results.

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Discover How Roof Maxx Can Extend The Life of Your Old Roof Up to 15 Years


A Roof Maxx Treatment Extends Life
by Restoring Flexibility and
Waterproofing Protection

Daily expansion and contraction is critical to your roof's performance and longevity. As a roof ages, the oil inside the asphalt shingles dries out, causing them to become brittle. This slowly breaks the roof apart, similar to the way a pothole develops in the road.

Roof Maxx is a powerful, scientifically formulated, all-natural treatment, derived from soybean oil (soy methyl ester). Soy-Fusion Technology allows millions of microbeads of oil to quickly penetrate brittle asphalt roof shingles. This rejuvenates the asphalt, restoring flexibility to facilitate daily expansion and contraction.

Treatment with Roof Maxx is 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment. Work is completed in about an hour, with zero mess, for just a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

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“Absolutely no mess or hassles. I’m very satisfied with the results.”

– Vicky Grubbs, homeowner

Roof Maxx’s Nationwide Network of Dealers Are Saving Millions of
Square Feet of Roofing Which Were Otherwise Destined for Landfills


The New Breed of Sustainable Roofers

Green is a trend, sustainability is a mindset. While green is good, ultimately it is sustainability that matters. The greenest roof is improving the one you already have. A truly sustainable roofing system has the best possible performance for the longest period of time. Fewer replacements are better from a material, energy and waste perspective.

The primary goal of an Authorized Roof Maxx Dealer is getting you the most life from your existing roofing system. Your roof is much more than just the shingles over your head. There are numerous components that are critical to a properly functioning system. Gutters and downspouts, skylights, chimneys, ventilation systems and attic insulation all must work in concert to keep your home healthy.

Unfortunately, most contractors don´t like doing these "small ticket" items and push for "bigger ticket" replacement contracts.

Authorized Dealers do offer replacement services, and are very happy to quote the work, as long as they feel it is necessary. Acting more as your consultant, they will educate you on the various options available so that you can decide what is best for you, your family and your home.

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“ Contractors tell people they have to replace it…and that’s not true. ”

– Marty Worby, contracting veteran

You Can Extend Your Roof’s Life by 5 Years Per Treatment…

…And Up to 15 Years With Repeated Treatments

Roof Maxx is guaranteed to perform as advertised. If you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.


    Unlike typical roof warranties, ours is attached to your address, so during a sale there’s no transfer hassles.


    Should your shingles lose flexibility during the warranty period, we’ll retreat them on a prorated basis. Simple and fair.


    We guarantee a stress-free experience. We’ll do what we say, and leave your home spotless once the job is complete.


    Roof Maxx's main ingredient (soy methyl ester) meets the EPA’s Safer Choice criteria for solvents and is listed on their Safer Chemical Ingredients List. Link Here


    Roof Maxx has been certified by the USDA as a plant based product with 86% bio-based content.

Discover The Cutting Edge Science And World-Class Organizations Behind Roofing’s Most Disruptive New Technology


Roof Maxx featured on Public TV’s Success Files, hosted by Rob Lowe.


Roof Maxx was developed by working in close collaboration with global leaders in Bio-Tech discovery in research, academia, and commercial development.

A renewably sourced, bio-based alternative, Roof Maxx’s scientific formulation uses the latest green technology, making it 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment.

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