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Roof Maxx

Roof Maxx is helping customers nationwide save time, money, and the environment with our cutting-edge roof rejuvenation system that restores asphalt shingles to like new condition.

Sound too good to be true? Well don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what our customers, dealers, and others are saying about their experiences with Roof Maxx and learn more about how we’re extending the life of asphalt roofs across the country and saving customers thousands of dollars on roof replacement costs.

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Here's what people are saying about their experiences with Roof Maxx:

Our Roof was old but in basically good shape. This process was a good fit for simply renewing what we had and prolonging the life of the roof and getting maximum life from what we have above us. Mike did a thorough job, spot patching dinged areas of the roof before application. I trust that the process is a good investment and am glad we hired him.

Craig Augustine - Appleton, WI

Very impressed with George Berg. He was prompt and thorough with his inspection. The price was way better than I imagined and I feel additional peace of mind that my roof is protected with a 5 year warranty!

Kati Horvath - Charlotte, NC

Great Service! Very timely! Casey made the entire process very easy and was a great option for one of my clients(I am a real estate agent)to fix a few minor issues with their roof and have the treatment applied to extend the life of the roof! Great option and very affordable!

Shawn Hoffner - Hazon, ND

Brent was so helpful, I’m so glad we had the service.

Jean Kennedy - Edinburgh, IN

My parent’s roof was starting to show it’s age and we feared it needed replaced, but would be difficult to pay for since they are on a fixed income. I called Aaron Mcgrew with Roof Maxx and he came out inspected the roof. He assured my parents that their roof was not in as bad as we feared and that treatment would really help extend the roof’s life. He was so nice and professional he explained everything very well to my parents and even came back to check on them weeks after he was finished. The cost was a fraction of a new roof and it looks great. I cannot say enough good things about Aaron and his team and I have other family and myself that will be using him in the future. Highly recommend Aaron Mcgrew with Roofmaxx

Justin Bailey - Fort Smith, AR

After the heavy rains that hit Oahu last week I was in for a rude awakening. The roof area over my laundry room had a small leak. There was a “drip drip drip” sound coming from the water from my roof hitting my dryer. Looking for a roofing expert, Yelp allows you to request a quote and it’s sent out to several companies open to quotes in the category. Kirt from Kokua Roof Tech wasn’t the first to message me back on Yelp but he was literally the first available to actually come down and check out my roof to provide me an estimate, which was helpful since we had hit a dry spot in the heavy rains that were upon us in the next week. He came by and took and look and gave me an honest assessment and overview. My leak wasn’t major so he actually repaired it for me for free but he did give me a heads up that we would eventually need to re-tar my roof soon as it was wearing down — the UV granules were missing and washed out (this prevents the asphalt from cracking due to the sun exposure), there was “pooling” of water happening on the roof, which could affect more erosion of the asphalt on the roof. You may say to yourself that Kirt was only telling me this so that I would eventually redo my entire roof with him. To be clear, Koolau Roof Tech aids in roof maintenance and extending the life of your roof, but not in the business to redo and re-tar the entire roof so there was really no benefit of him telling me this information other than to be helpful and give me a heads up to prevent further damage. Koolau provides eco-friendly solutions to save your roof including a “Roof Tune up” where they address potential leaks and other water penetration areas. A Roof Shampoo Roof Cleaning in which they remove ugly roof stains and gives your roof a gentle low-pressure water wash and lastly a Roof MaXX Conditioning Treatment that restores your shingles’ flexibility and granule adhesion to reverse the aging process of your roof. Highly recommend if you have some issues with your roof or if you’ve been living in your house long enough and SHOULD be looking to extend the life of your roof (let’s be honest you never really think about this), you give Kirt at Koolau Roof Tech a call.

Brandon Suyeoka - Kaneohe, HI

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