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What Are the Weather Requirements for Roof Maxx?

Weather conditions must be dry, with the temperature above 36 degrees Fahrenheit, for Roof Maxx to be applied successfully. These weather requirements allow the treatment to fully penetrate the shingles and soak into the asphalt.

 This question is especially likely to come up in winter months and wet climates. While dry weather is required for applying Roof Maxx, don’t worry if it rains an hour or more after the treatment. Depending on your climate, it can take 30 minutes to an hour for the treatment to soak in. Roof Maxx will penetrate the shingles and fully soak into the asphalt within one hour, leaving your roof fully treated and protected from the elements. Once it has soaked into the asphalt tiles, the Roof Maxx treatment cannot be washed away by rain. 

Because Roof Maxx is a water-based, all-natural saturant, the roof can even be slightly damp before treatment. Your local technician will examine the roof before application to make sure conditions are perfect for applying the treatment so that it will soak in and revive your roof. 

Roof Maxx is an eco-friendly spray that is applied directly to the asphalt shingles on your roof. Weather can be very draining on an asphalt roof. Sun, rain, snow, and wind all take a toll on a roof, causing the tiles to age and dry out, becoming brittle and fragile. Algae can even grow on asphalt tiles, also making them brittle. Brittle tiles break, crack, and leak, which can lead to expensive and time-intensive repairs. Roof Maxx’s treatment coats the asphalt tiles and soaks in, creating a waterproof weather barrier that extends the life of your roof. It is a great investment for protecting against weather and sun damage. Plus, the all-natural Roof Maxx formula is natural and safe for humans and pets.

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