Making Money as A Roof Maxx Dealer

Roof Maxx is really unique. Our average job takes less than two hours and our average ticket is $2,500. So in 2019, the profit that we made was approximately 50% of all the money that we generated from the Roof Maxx sales, which was $500,000. Our goals in 2020 are to hit a million dollars in sales. When I became a dealer, I dabbled in the business a little bit and then I progressively picked up and I project to do over $580,000 for 2020. With our goal of half a million dollars projected profit should be around $225,000.

With that money, we plan on becoming completely debt-free company-wide. So we’ve been in the roofing business for 40 years and Roof Maxx enabled us to be able to have one of the most profitable years that we’ve had in the 40 years I’ve been in business. It’s crazy for me to watch things grow and develop. And there’s no telling how big this thing is going to get and the direction we’re headed. It’s exciting. I can’t wait.

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