Roof Maxx Attends The United Soybean Board Panel Meeting

The Annual Technical Advisory Panel meeting of the United Soybean Board for 2024 took place at the Sheraton in Michigan. The meeting was composed of board members for USB, which included farmers from around the nation, as well as those presenting, who ranged from entrepreneurs with exciting new soy-based products, to scientists from prestigious universities that are innovating with soy for products across every category. This meeting served as a platform for various stakeholders funded by the U.S. Soybean Board to present their progress, challenges, and innovation, and among these participants was Chris McClurg on behalf of Roof Maxx!

The relationship between Roof Maxx and the United Soybean Board was initiated by Mike Feazel, Roof Maxx’s CEO, and co-founder, and The Ohio Soybean Council. This collaboration spearheaded various initiatives aimed at advancing the usage and understanding of soy-based products. As time progressed, Roof Maxx’s endeavors expanded, leading to a pivotal transition. The Ohio Soybean Council facilitated a direct engagement with the United Soybean Board, amplifying Roof Maxx’s impact and outreach. This shift streamlined communication and allowed Roof Maxx to present its endeavors directly, fostering a deeper connection with the soybean advocacy community.

During the technical advisory panel meeting, Roof Maxx expressed profound gratitude towards the United Soybean Board for the unwavering support and guidance provided. This sentiment extended beyond financial assistance, as it includes invaluable technical support and a nurturing environment for growth.

In our expression of gratitude, we acknowledged not only the United Soybean Board but also esteemed partners like Smithbucklin, Omni Tech International, and other stakeholders. Additionally, we emphasized the pivotal role played by American farmers, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving soybean advocacy. In a world striving for sustainability and progress, partnerships like these stand as beacons of hope, guiding the way toward a luminous future, infused with the sustainable essence of soy.

Roof Maxx proudly stands as the sole roof rejuvenation company vetted, endorsed, and supported by the USB.



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