Beyond Shingles: Roof Maxx’s Gift to SPARC’s Heartfelt Mission


At Roof Maxx, we believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Recently, our team in Roof Maxx of Springfield, IL wanted to complete a community project towards the end of this year. They considered SPARC, an agency dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a perfect fit. SPARC offers various employment opportunities, group homes, and work centers, contributing to creating a life of dignity and independence for its participants.

Identifying a Community’s Need

The main building at SPARC faced roofing challenges – brittleness and noticeable black algae staining. Understanding the financial strain SPARC was under, Ryan Williams of Roof Maxx of Springfield, IL decided to offer a helping hand. The idea was simple: provide a complete roof rejuvenation with a washing service where they would donate all their time and equipment and SPARC would only cover the cost of the Roof Maxx treatment. Additionally, a fall festival fundraiser was coordinated to help offset some of the costs.

A Pleasant Surprise: Roof Maxx Corporate Joins In

Little did they know, Roof Maxx corporate decided to go above and beyond. They generously donated all the Roof Maxx treatment needed for the project. This meant that the entire roof rejuvenation project would be done at absolutely no cost to SPARC!

Let SPARCtober Fest Begin!

The fall festival, dubbed SPARCtober Fest, became a fun & lively community event. Live music, food trucks, and various activities were arranged for families and SPARC participants. Unbeknownst to SPARC, all the funds raised during this festival would go directly to support their cause.

A Quality Roof for a Quality Mission

Roof Maxx is inspired by SPARC’s mission and recognizes the importance an organization like theirs directing funds to their life changing services rather than roofing repairs. The restored and rejuvenated roof not only enhances the building’s aesthetics but also ensures longevity and functional efficiency. SPARC can now focus on its core mission of serving individuals in the Springfield community with peace of mind about the roof over their heads.

Impact of Roof Maxx Rejuvenation on SPARC’s Budget

From a financial perspective, Roof Maxx’s rejuvenation treatment liberated a significant amount – $120,000 – in SPARC’s budget over the next few years. This financial relief will empower SPARC to expand its educational programs, enhance supported employment initiatives, and explore additional business opportunities.


This collaborative effort exemplifies the impact businesses can have on their communities when they come together for a shared purpose. As we continue our commitment to sustainability and community support, we look forward to more opportunities to make a positive difference all across the nation.


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