How a Condo Association in RI Saved Thousands with Roof Maxx


The Preserve Condo Association in Wakefield, Rhode Island, comprising 32 buildings and 64 owners, faced a common challenge: aging roofs. In response, they turned to Roof Maxx, a proven solution to extend roof life and avoid costly replacements.

Led by Executive Board President Tom Daniels, the board evaluated various options and engaged in dialogue with Roof Maxx customers. After meticulous consideration, they were convinced that Roof Maxx was the optimal choice to fortify their roofs against future damage.

With 16 of their older buildings treated with Roof Maxx, The Preserve Condo Association made a strategic investment in the longevity of their infrastructure. By proactively addressing potential roof issues, they effectively averted costly replacements. This proactive approach not only shields the association from significant financial outlays but also ensures the continued comfort and security of its residents.

The decision to embrace Roof Maxx yielded tangible financial benefits for The Preserve Condo Association. Tom Daniels proudly shares that their foresight has translated into annual savings of $10,000 on insurance coverage. By protecting their roofs from future damage, they’ve delayed costly replacements and secured long-term financial stability.

The Preserve Condo Association’s decision exemplifies the profound impact of proactive maintenance and strategic decision-making. By choosing Roof Maxx, they have not only safeguarded their roofs but also fortified their financial resilience. As other associations grapple with similar challenges, The Preserve Condo Association’s story underscores the importance of proactive maintenance in preserving both infrastructure and finances.

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