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How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Virginia?

August 20, 2021

Roofing Cost Virginia

One of the most significant maintenance costs homeowners and commercial property owners face is replacing their roofing. It might not be something people like to think about, but it’s a fact of life for all property owners. When the time comes to replace your roof, the big question is: how much does a new roof cost in Virginia? The answer to that critical question depends on a few major factors. These include: The size of your roof Your roofing materials ...Read more >

How Long Does a Roof Last in Virginia?

July 15, 2021

Roof lifespan can be a sensitive and expensive subject for homeowners and businesses. Maintaining and replacing a roof costs thousands of dollars, so it helps to know what type of roof would work best for your budget. You also want to know how long a roof should last in Virginia so you can plan for the major expense of replacing it. A lot of factors can affect roof lifespan in Virginia. Harsh climates will put more wear and tear on ...Read more >

Roofing Costs in Fredericksburg, VA

July 12, 2021

Estimating the cost of roof repair can be a complicated, headache-inducing nightmare, especially considering the number of factors that contribute to the cost. Low-end repairs like a simple patch can cost as little as $150, but larger items like leak repair can cost as much as $1,000. Ultimately, estimating roof costs in Fredericksburg, VA, comes down to the roofing material and the extent of the damage.  For example, the most expensive roofing material to repair is wood. The material is ...Read more >

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