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Those who live in Illinois know that harsh weather is bound to come regularly. Strong winds, powerful storms, and sudden hail are not at all uncommon. These occurrences can cause a good asphalt-shingled roof to disintegrate quicker than anticipated, leaving cracks that can introduce water damage to a home. That’s exactly why regular roof inspections and maintenance are vital to homeowners in Illinois. 

If damage isn’t prevented (or caught early on), then a roof replacement in Illinois may be in the near future. Unfortunately, this is an expensive endeavor that can cost thousands, not including fees for asphalt shingle removal, hauling away, and disposal. Speaking of disposal, this particular roofing material makes up 10% of all landfill construction waste! Luckily, our roofing company in Illinois, Roof Maxx is here to provide a better and more affordable way.

Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation in Illinois.

If the thought of a roof replacement has you thinking twice about the cost and waste involved, Roof Maxx has developed a better way by offering roof rejuvenation in Illinois. 

At a fraction of the price and as an eco-friendly alternative, asphalt shingles can be replenished and rejuvenated using a plant-based oil treatment. The formula is 100% safe and will penetrate deep down into each dry, brittle shingle to bring it back to life. In fact, each application can extend the life of a roof by 5 years! With up to three applications possible, that’s up to an extra 15 years of life for your roof.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roof Maxx and roof rejuvenation in Illinois, contact your local dealer today!

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