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What if you had a no-cost way to know the condition of your client’s roofs?

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As a property manager, your voice and email inboxes are always nearing capacity.

What if one especially important issue, the condition of your client’s roofs, was not an open issue anymore? 

What if there were a national company with hundreds of local dealers that have rejuvenated more than 50 million square feet of asphalt shingles that is willing to inspect your pitched, asphalt roofs and give you a written report including pictures and an independent measurement from a satellite-based service?  What if that local dealer could get a national sales executive to join that Zoom to clarify the findings of the report?

I am a retired property manager from the condo management world and in addition to my work, volunteered and was part of the CAI New England Chapter leadership. Throughout my long career, I have witnessed how overwhelmed portfolio managers can be.

While routine capital reserve studies are recommended, most properties do not have such reports, and fewer still have taken those reports and developed an action plan. By working with a local Roof Maxx dealer, the property’s roof can be inspected and assessed at no cost.  The dealer can then present the findings and review the options.

What I have found is that most asphalt-pitched roofs between 7-20 years old would benefit financially from investing in proactive roof rejuvenation in lieu of very costly and disruptive total roof replacements. Even if your roof does not qualify for a rejuvenation treatment, having learned that information at no cost is a value to you and your client.  

If your properties have already implemented crack sealing and seal coating of your asphalt driveways and/or parking lots, the value of proactive maintenance is clear.  Proactive roof maintenance not only helps the community’s cash flow, but the newly rejuvenated roof also helps improve the curb appeal.  For those with a risk management background, they will appreciate fewer leaks and fewer insurance claims, as an inspected and rejuvenated roof simply performs better.

To learn more about this no-cost, no-risk “easy button” option, here is a video on how the Roof Maxx process works: CLICK HERE

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To learn more about how Roof Maxx can help apartment building owners, here is a video testimonial from a director from a regional apartment REIT, testing Roof Maxx on 30 buildings and 360 apartments: CLICK HERE.

David Levy, PCAM

National Sales Partner, Multi-family communities

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