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Virginia Winter Roof Preparation

November 22, 2021

Virginia roof weatherproofing

Your roof protects you and those close to you all year round. It’s in winter, though, that your roof stands up to the most punishment to keep everyone below safe and dry. Our climate in Northern Virginia is no exception. You need to make sure all your Virginia winter roof preparation is set before the harsh weather kicks in.

Why Virginia Winter Roof Prep Is So Important

Even though we enjoy a milder winter than many parts of the country, we still get our share of snow and ice. These conditions can cause significant damage to your roof, and they can pose real dangers to you and others in your home or business.

For example, ice dams resulting from the buildup of ice in your gutters can cause major issues. The blockage can lead to further ice buildup, which can damage gutters or force them to pull away from your roof. Ice dams can also expand into your roof, tearing shingles free and causing damage to the structure of your roof. This can lead to major problems like interior structural issues and even flooding.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Virginia’s Winter

Getting your roof ready for winter can be a straightforward process. By inspecting your roof and gutters, you can make sure your home or business can better stand up to the harsh conditions of winter.

1. Check Your Gutters

Your rain gutters play an important role in your roof’s performance. They should be checked before winter sets in for any blockages, so you can avoid ice dams. This is especially important after all the leaves have fallen. Make sure your gutters are clear.

Also, be certain that your gutters are completely attached to your roof. Gaps between the gutters and roof can lead to drips from melting snow and rain onto the porch and walks below. This can form into dangerous ice patches when the temperature drops again. With gutters snugly fit against the roof, they will direct runoff where it should go.

2. Check Your Shingles

Make sure your shingles are in good condition before they get covered with snow. Look for any shingles that are pulling away from the roof or that look cracked or broken. Damaged shingles can leave the structure below exposed to water and ice. If you see shingle damage, talk with your Roof Maxx pro about roof rejuvenation that can add years of roof life to older shingles at a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

3. Get Your Roof Inspected

A roofing professional can take a look to ensure that the structure is strong enough to bear the weight of accumulated snow. Even a relatively small amount of wet snow can be too much of a burden for a roof with a compromised structure. This professional help will ensure that your roof is ready for the Virginia winter.

Get More from Your Roof Today

If you are looking to rejuvenate your asphalt roof to get it to survive the winter conditions for the next several years, contact Roof Maxx. We can save you thousands on roofing by adding years of life to your shingles, instead of simply throwing them in a landfill. Contact Roof Maxx today for a free quote.

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