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Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

October 19, 2021

Restored Roof

Nobody wants to think about it, but many of us have to deal with it. Seeing your roof look worn down and in need of professional repair or replacement can be intimidating. How much work needs to be done, and how much will it cost?

If your asphalt roofing has been around for over ten or twenty years, you will likely have to think about replacing it. You’ve probably seen many other homes or businesses getting their roofs replaced, and it’s only a matter of time until yours needs to be replaced, too.

But what if there’s another option? You may have heard about roof restoration as an alternative to roof replacement. Even if you have, the details might be a little fuzzy. We’ll take a look at roof restoration vs. roof replacement and ask, is roof restoration worth it? Will restoring your roof serve as a viable alternative to a full-blown roof replacement? If so, how much can you expect to save?

Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement

While there are many different types of roofing out there, asphalt shingles are still among the most common, particularly among residential roofs. While it might not be as durable as more expensive options like metal or slate, asphalt roofing can last up to 30 years.

However, as your roof ages, it will start to show signs of wear and tear. It’s important to monitor the condition of your roof so you can catch damage or weak areas early. But the older your roof gets, the more the entire thing will need attention. That’s where the question of replacing it or restoring it comes into play.

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is one of the most expensive home maintenance costs you will face. You have to pay for the materials as well as the labor associated with tearing off your old roof and installing the new one.

A roof replacement can also be a wasteful process and should be avoided. Although asphalt shingles can be recycled, many will just end up in landfills.

Roof Restoration

There are many cases when replacing a roof is the only option. However, there is also a relatively large window in the life of your roof where restoration is the better option.

Asphalt shingles contain oil that enables them to expand and contract with changes in the weather. Over time, they dry out and lose their flexibility. In a climate like Northern Virginia that hits your roof with humid heat and freezing winter cold, your roof has to stand up to a lot of punishment. That’s why having fresh, fully functioning shingles is so important.

An especially innovative and effective form of roof restoration involves restoring the oils to older asphalt shingles. Roof Maxx, for example, is an all-natural product that gets your shingles working like new.

Is roof restoration worth it? A single application of Roof Maxx costs just 15-20% of what a roof replacement would run. It only takes an hour or two to apply, and once it’s dry, Roof Maxx instantly adds five years of life to your roof. Roof Maxx can be applied once every five years for up to three applications and 15 years of added roof life and savings.

Now that you know it’s worth it, contact us today to restore your roof and save thousands!

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