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Roof Maxx is your local commercial roofing company in Draper, UT

Roof Maxx offers roof rejuvenation that saves you thousands of dollars and helps you avoid disruptions to your business. Roofing can be one of the biggest expenses for maintaining your commercial properties. Our commercial roofing company in Draper, UT is here to dramatically cut those costs by helping you get more out of your current roof.

No matter your business property, we’ve got you covered.

Roofing costs can really add up for commercial properties. Whether you need roofing for apartment complexes, office spaces, warehouses, or more, you want to find effective roofing solutions that will keep your buildings protected and save your budget. Roof Maxx accomplishes this by addressing a major issue in roofing: the fact that asphalt shingles are failing faster than ever before

Asphalt shingles lose their natural oils over time and dry out. This leaves them brittle and unable to expand and contract with changes in the weather. Instead of opting for an expensive, wasteful, and disruptive roof replacement, Roof Maxx offers you all-natural roof rejuvenation. Our 100% plant-based product restores the oils in your shingles to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Get up to 15 more years out of your current roof.

Each application of Roof Maxx adds five years of life to your roof. We can treat your roof up to three times for up to 15 years of added life.

Reduce your budget by up to 85%.Reduce your budget by up to 85%.

Roof replacement is expensive. Roof Maxx costs a fraction of that to save you thousands on your property maintenance budget.

It's business as usual.It's business as usual.

Roof Maxx can be applied in a matter of hours, so you don’t have to deal with the business disruptions that come with a messy and chaotic roof replacement.

Good for the earth.Good for the earth.

Our treatment is 100% natural, plant-based, and safe for your property and your employees or tenants. Plus, your shingles stay on your roof instead of heading to the local landfill.

Enterprise pricing.Enterprise pricing.

Roof Maxx is your local commercial roofing company in Draper, UT. If you have properties elsewhere, our roof rejuvenation services are available nationwide to save you on roofing anywhere.

100% tax-deductible.100% tax-deductible.

Roof Maxx simplifies your roofing and it benefits your taxes. You can deduct the expenses the year you pay for it instead of having it depreciate over time.

Learn more about our commercial roofing company in Draper, UT, and how we can save your business thousands.

Convinced of the many astounding benefits of Roof Maxx? Let us help your business start reaping these benefits by contacting us today. We’ll schedule a free estimate of your commercial property to get started. See the results of The Ohio State University’s test of Roof Maxx on a 17-year-old shingle.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company and roof rejuvenation resource in Draper, UT.

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