Michael Feazel

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mike Feazel is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Roof Maxx technologies. Mike has been very active in the roofing industry. He co-founded Roofers’ Success International, wrote a monthly column for Roofing Contractor Magazine and was featured on the cover of Successful Contractor Magazine in an article titled Elevating The Industry. In his spare time, Mike is an avid traveler, mountain biker and outdoorsman.

Todd Feazel

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Todd Feazel is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Roof Maxx Technologies. Preferring a “hands-on” approach to the industry, Todd sat on the National Advisory Council for one of North Americas largest roofing manufacturers, and helped design one of the first Certified Contractor programs in North America. Outside of work, his passions include golf, boating and travel.

Ryan Grissinger

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Grissenger is the Chief Technology Officer at Roof Maxx Technologies. Ryan leads the long-term vision and is responsible for development and implementation of new technologies utilized by the authorized dealer network and national affiliate partnerships. Ryan’s passion for sustainability stems from concerns about climate change and the belief that it’s our generation’s responsibility to make the shift towards a greener future.

Amy Koch

President, North American Sales

Amy Koch is President of North American Sales at Roof Maxx Technologies. With over two decades of experience building national sales teams for Fortune 500 companies, Amy is a driving force for Roof Maxx Technologies’s accelerated growth strategy. Amy’s concerns about sustainability and the environment stem from her tenure at Newell-Rubbermaid and Solo Cup, forward thinking companies with early ties to the sustainability movement.

Jack Jenkins

Executive Vice President, Dealer Training and Support

Jack Jenkins is a 30-year veteran of the roofing industry with a strong background in training and leadership roles. Jack’s experience ensures quick and seamless on-boarding of new dealers to a fast-growing network across the US and Canada. Jack is a strong believer in taking individual responsibility and sees his role at Roof Maxx Technologies as doing his part in combating climate change.

George Karakitsios

Chief Branding Officer

George Karakitsios is the CBO of Roof Maxx Technologies, with a vast range of brand-building experience, working with companies throughout the European Union and North America. George is responsible for building the Roof Maxx brand image, experience, and promise. As a citizen of the EU, George has green running through his veins and is excited about the opportunity to share his artistic vision of a sustainable future.

Jason Case

Social Media Manager

Jason is Roof Maxx Technologies’s Social Media Manager, overseeing all digital communications. Jason develops the strategy and direction for all public relations to effectively communicate Roof Maxx’s sustainability mantra. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, building and selling multiple companies over his career.

Karen Turner

Chief Accounting Officer

Karen is the Chief Accounting Officer for Roof Maxx Technologies. A long time associate, she has worked with the Feazels in their other ventures. Karen is responsible for the company’s financial statements, general ledger, cost accounting, budgeting, tax compliance and various special analyses.

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