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Roof Maxx Application

Application and Safety Guidelines

Product Warning

Note: Overspray on ladder rungs will cause rungs to be extremely slippery. We strongly suggest installing or wrapping each rung with slip resistant tape or similar.

Application Instructions:

Product Background: Asphalt roofing ages through photo‐oxidation and heat from the sun which often drives summer roof surface temperatures above 132°F. The asphalt melt point increases due to the ongoing loss of plasticizers which keep asphalt roofing systems pliable and flexible and facilitate daily expansion and contraction. Loss of these plasticizers leads to surface shrinkage which causes asphalt roofing to become brittle and crack.

Roof Maxx is an all-natural micro penetrant bio-oil emulsion that rejuvenates and re‐saturates asphalt roofing systems, reducing surface tension and surface shrinkage ‐ the leading cause of granule loss from the outer protective layer of Asphalt Shingles.

Description: Roof Maxx is a water based, non toxic, all-natural emulsion that reduces the impact of solar UV degradation on asphalt roof shingles roof systems. Roof Maxx is spray applied to asphalt roofing systems to restore pliability, flexibility and extend roof life. Unlike traditional roof coatings which are applied to the outer protective mineral layer of a shingle, Roof Maxx micro‐penetrates the outer mineral layer and rejuvenates the waterproofing asphalt. Roof Maxx allows shingle roof systems to “breath” naturally by absorbing and releasing moisture, unlike elastomeric and urethane roof coatings which inhibit roof surfaces from “breathing.”

Features: Roof Maxx is an all-natural asphalt micro penetrant containing no solvents, VOCS or environmentally toxic ingredients. Overspray is not harmful to people, pets, plants, cars or the environment and can be washed off with soap and water. The product forms a milky white residue on roof surface when initially applied, which dissipates in as little as 30 minutes. In lower temperatures it takes more time to dissipate.

Uses: 1) As a non-toxic micro penetrant for spray application to all types of asphalt shingle roofs.
2) As a non-toxic micro penetrant for spray application to modified bitumen roof systems.

Preparation: Application of the product below 36 degrees Fahrenheit will lessen product efficacy. Ensure roof surfaces are dry and free from moisture and frost. Clear roof surface of all loose debris such as leaves. Roof Maxx should not be applied if rain is expected within one hour of application.

Overspray of Roof Maxx / test trial: Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC has completed testing on hundreds of roofs with no overspray issues. However, there are tens of thousands of various surfaces and it is impossible for us to test each one. It is suggested to do a small sample test on any surface where overspray could become an issue to insure staining.

does not occur. In most instances over spray can easily be removed by flushing immediately with water while wet and with soap and water when dry. Do not apply if rain is expected within one hour. If overspray occurs on any walking surface, rinse the walking surface with water to avoid slip risk.

Spraying the roof: Start applying product at the furthest point of roof to avoid the need to walk across treated roof surfaces which will be slippery while wet. Spray evenly, working from side to side from the top of the roof to the eave. Spray until surface has a wet milky consistency. Avoid run off and pooling.

Mixing & Coverage: Roof Maxx concentrate is supplied in a 270 gallon storage tote. Roof Maxx should be mixed at a 1:1 ratio with tap water. Fill tank used for spraying with Roof Maxx concentrate and then add tap water with garden hose. Spray apply at a coverage of 100 sq. feet per gallon of mixed Roof Maxx concentrate. I.e. a 30 square roof takes 15 gallons of Roof Maxx mixed with 15 gallons of tap water.

Note: Shingles will appear darker in color a few shades, closer to their original color, because Roof Maxx is re-saturating the shingles with oils that have evaporated and caused the shingle to lighten in color.

Storage and Clean Up: Protect product from freezing. Do not store below 32°F. Wash tools and brushes with clean water and flush sprayer tanks out with fresh water.

For specific product safety information, please reference
our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more details.