Make Your Home Feel More Like Home: Exterior Home Design Trends in 2024

Life is all about embracing change. From technology to clothing, every year brings new areas of interest and opportunities to improve. Change encompasses our tastes in music, fashion, entertainment, and exterior home design trends. 

In 2024, homeowners will lean toward sleek, traditional styles with a sense of eco-consciousness and small touches of natural elegance to provide balance and peaceful living. See how exterior home design trends are changing in 2024.

Less Is More

Homeowners are moving away from the notion that having everything is worth the extra time and expense to keep up with the Jones. Values are shifting back to simpler esthetics and preserving natural resources.

Lawn ornaments and highly decorative landscapes are out. Simplicity and natural colors, textures, and elements are in. Focus on sleek, modern lines in your structures with touches of handmade care and high-quality antiquity to make your curb appeal stand out.

Landscaping for Guests

Homeowners are ensuring their outdoor spaces reflect and expand on their indoor lifestyle. Custom features like outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and spa areas provide high functionality and purposeful living options while adding to the home’s unique appeal.

Provide open areas for versatile entertainment options with lots of seating. Remove the extra embellishments and trim and add more functional touches like benches, pizza ovens, and stylish pergolas. 

Invest in newer modular furniture designs that allow you to modify your outdoor space for optimal functionality. Endless options exist for outdoor rugs, weather-resistant cushions, and other durable elements for an active outdoor life that still provide a comforting, simple feel. 

Discover ways to minimize the effort and harsh appearance associated with manicured lawns and embrace a more eco-friendly, natural landscape. Unless your climate makes it an appealing option, steer clear of fake grass. Line your walkways and patios with clover and other native plants to celebrate your natural resources. Choose a native fruit tree over an ornamental bush. 

Colored Trim

There’s no need for an extensive house painting project this year. If you’re eyeing your exterior and thinking it needs a little freshening up, look at your door and trim with an artist’s eye. White or black trim is the standard for giving windows a little extra pop, but don’t be afraid to look at other hues in your color pallet for beautiful accents that will make your home stand out without the intensive labor and cost of a total makeover.

Choose a front door color that speaks to you and says, “Welcome home.” Then, balance additional trim and touches to match that feel. Add pops of color with care and deliberateness rather than whimsy and abundance.

Proper Lighting

Modern lighting and sound systems are taking center stage in current exterior home design trends. The perfect lighting can go a long way toward creating a high-energy hub for entertaining family and friends or a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle.

Exterior home design trends for 2024 favor hidden and recessed lighting over large, decorative pieces that can become quickly outdated and need more care. Highlight your paths and natural greenery, create the proper ambiance, and show off what you love most about your outdoor space with attractive lighting.

Dark Roofing

Many areas of the country are seeing a return to traditional black or dark gray roofing options. If you feel it’s time to upgrade your roof, consider darker roofing as a fabulous compliment to your overall exterior design, especially if you’ve chosen black trim on other areas, such as your windows.

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