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7 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Will Save Money

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You love your home. It’s a safe place, a refuge. Yet many older homes have out-of-date technologies, appliances, and systems that unintentionally waste energy. These improvements can save homeowners thousands of dollars and make homes climate-friendly when upgraded. Not only that, but energy-efficient home improvements will make a home far more attractive to potential buyers if the house ever goes up for sale. 


There are many ways to make a home energy efficient, but these seven are some of the most effective energy-efficient home ideas. We’ll walk you through each so you can decide which changes are in your price range and will be most beneficial for you and your home.


1. Upgrade Insulation and Seal Cracks

New or upgraded insulation is one of the best ways to seal your home so you don’t waste heat or air conditioning. Insulation doesn’t last forever and can degrade over time—the older the home, the more likely it’s due for new insulation. 

Apart from insulation, there are other ways to seal a home. Many sources of air leaks may exist in the foundation, attic, windows, around light fixtures, fireplaces, or baseboards. You can easily fill these cracks with caulk or spray foam. Doing so can conserve valuable energy—and money.


2. Install an Electric Air-Source Heat Pump

A home’s HVAC system plays a significant role in its energy efficiency. You adjust the temperature and airflow based on the season and need an efficient system to meet the demands. 

An electric HVAC system with an electric air-source heat pump is much more energy-efficient than past models. Installing one will reduce high energy bills and make your home more comfortable.


3. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a clear choice when you want to conserve energy in your home. You can program a smart thermostat to do less heating or cooling when you’re not home during the day or away on vacation. It can learn family habits and save you from wasting energy. Not only will this save money in the long run, but it will increase comfort and convenience. 


4. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a sure way to save energy by using the sun’s power and converting it to energy. The initial installation costs for a solar system may seem high. Still, the investment will pay back over time and make the home use far less power from the grid. You’ll save money by not paying local utility bills and contribute to the area’s surge of clean energy. 


5. Improve and Update Your Roof

Roofs are made to last—think of all the inclement weather they must stand up against. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever, and older homes deserve a roof replacement or upgrade. Old roofs that are not replaced or sealed properly could allow valuable air to escape or water to enter, damaging the inside of your home. 

There is a solution. Roof Maxx can save thousands of dollars and take minimal application time. With Roof Maxx, experts apply an asphalt roof replacement alternative coating to the existing roof, prolonging its lifespan by up to 5 years. This coating protects the home and keeps it energy-efficient as it seals cracks and gives you more time to plan for an extensive roof replacement project. Check out how it works and see what Roof Maxx can do for you.


6. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows

You may not think of your windows as a source of energy loss, but windows can easily let drafts in and out if they lack the proper sealant. The sealing around windows degrades over time, so older homes may need a new sealant to remedy this. Installing new windows also helps because newer models can have double-paned glass, preventing even more heated or cool air from escaping.


7. Update Older Home Appliances

Older appliances may do the job but are often less efficient than newer models. For example, newer washing machines calculate the weight of a laundry load so they don’t use more water than necessary. Likewise, newer dryers can tell when clothes are dry and will stop a cycle early. Dishwashers and water heaters also have upgrades that allow them to conserve energy and only use what’s necessary. These efficiencies will save you much money over time.


Save Energy: Choose Roof Maxx

These energy-efficient home improvements will decrease your ecological footprint, save money over time, and make your home more comfortable. Not only that, but they’ll automatically increase the value of your home for potential buyers.

When you’re ready to transition your home to save energy, there’s no better place to start than with Roof Maxx. Visit Roof Maxx today and discover for yourself the best solution to prolonging the life of your roof and saving energy.

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