It’s Time for a Roof Repair, but What About Your Solar Panels?

It’s not anyone’s favorite thing, but sometimes roofs need to be repaired. You might be seeing the following signs that your roof needs mending:

  • Buckling shingles
  • Ceiling leaks and water spots
  • Curling shingles
  • Roof rot
  • Missing shingles and granules
  • Blistered shingles
  • Damaged flashing

But what if you power your home with solar energy? How does that impact the repair of your roof? Here’s what you need to know about roof repair when your home is equipped with solar panels.

Preparing for Repair

Exactly what needs to happen before your roof gets fixed? Your roofing company needs access to your roof, which means that your solar photovoltaic system will likely need to be removed, then reinstalled after repairs have concluded.

This process really must be done by a professional solar panel installer. While your solar panels are strong enough to withstand incredibly inclement weather and high winds, there’s a lot of damage that could be done to your panels and your roof if not removed and reinstalled properly. These steps include:

  • Your solar panels are removed by professionals
  • These panels may need to be transported and safely stored to avoid harm while repairs are being made
  • Mounting hardware for your panels may need to be removed, depending on the location and extent of repairs
  • Solar panels are then reinstalled by your photovoltaic system installer

Solar Panel Maintenance: What Needs to be Done?

While your solar panels have been removed to repair your roof, is there anything that you need to do with your solar panels to keep them in proper working order?

Solar panels are made from tempered glass, which means that they can stand up against hail and rough weather. Since solar panel systems don’t really have moveable parts (except tracking mounts, in certain cases), there is much less likelihood that they will develop performance problems.

In most cases, solar panels don’t need to be cleaned, but when they do, it’s wise to hire a cleaning service experienced in handling solar panels. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of smog, dust, or dirt, you may experience a decrease in energy production over time that can be fixed by having your solar panels professionally cleaned. 

Especially after events like the record-setting California and Colorado wildfires during 2020, it might be beneficial to plan to have your solar panels professionally cleaned while they are removed during roof repair to handle the ash and particles that have settled. In these regions, energy advisor TerreVerde recommends:

“To achieve peak financial performance, most solar PV systems should be washed at least once or twice annually. Organizations impacted by wildfires or those in heavily agricultural areas will likely see additional benefit from their panels being washed immediately after heavy fire ash periods or after dust-producing agricultural harvest periods.”

If you’re in search of a qualified agency to clean your solar panels, your installers should be able to recommend someone who is up to the task.

Preventing Ongoing, Costly Repairs

When your roof is in need of repairs, this can quickly become an expensive endeavor when you need to remove and then install your solar panels time and time again. Just what can this cost you? Costs can include:

  • $2,000 to $3,000 to take your panels off and install them after repairs are completed
  • $800 to remove mounting hardware
  • $250 to safely ship and store your solar panels while repairs are happening
  • $300 to $430 to have your panels professionally cleaned

This can quickly add up to nearly $4,500, and that’s before your repairs ever begin!

But what if you could revitalize the condition of your roof to keep roof damage at bay?

Your roof’s shingles contain asphalt that can dry out, causing your shingles to become brittle. Roof Maxx uses a plant-based bio-oil to restore the life and flexibility of your roof’s shingles, instantly adding 5 years to the lifespan of your roof, which can help prevent the need for costly repairs in the future. And compared to the $4,500 cost of removing your solar panels? Roof Maxx can cost somewhere around $1,500—just one-third of the cost.

Now, when your roof needs repair and your solar panel system has been removed, it’s the perfect time to prevent further needed maintenance in the future. 

Are you ready to learn more about how Roof Maxx can avoid these repairs moving forward? Contact us today!

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