Greener Shingles Lawsuit

Delaware County Court Finds Greener Shingles Guilty of Deceptive Trade Practices


In late 2020, Roof Maxx filed a lawsuit against Greener Shingles and its owner and President Bruce Robinson (Defendants).


Roof Maxx alleged that the Defendants were deceptively misleading various businesses and consumers about Roof Maxx’s roof rejuvenation product.  Roof Maxx also contended that before and during litigation that Greener Shingles destroyed evidence such as emails and other electronic communications.


Greener Shingles attempted to have the case dismissed by and through their attorney. The Court rejected Greener Shingles request.


During this litigation, Bruce Robinson and Greener Shingles admitted to intentionally and knowingly making false, misleading, and defamatory statements about Roof Maxx’s product. The Court characterized Defendants’ conduct as involving wrongdoing that is conscious, deliberate, and intentional. These intentionally deceptive statements were made via YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, thereby interfering with consumers’ right to accurate and truthful information.


These statements violated the Ohio Deceptive Trade Practices Act ORC 4156.02(A)(10), and the Court held as such.


Adding insult to injury, Bruce Robinson and Greener Shingles admitted to destroying information/evidence regarding Roof Maxx’s allegations.


After considering Greener Shingle’s intentional misleading of the public about Roof Maxx’s product, and the intentional destruction of evidence, the Court returned a verdict against Bruce Robinson and Greener Shingles in the amount of $8,002,387.14.


Finally, the Court issued a permanent injunction against the Defendants precluding them from “contacting, communicating with, recruiting, contracting with, or working with in any way, any current or former Roof Maxx dealer that is currently in a contractual relationship with Roof Maxx or subject to non-compete covenants with Roof Maxx.”


Roof Maxx is aware of other persons and companies that may have committed similar unlawful practices. Roof Maxx anticipates pursuing these individuals to the fullest extent of the law and expects similar legal outcomes.


We have provided the full text of the legal decision below and a link to view and download the PDF.

To view the original Order click here.

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