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Roofers near you in Kennewick, WA can save you thousands of dollars.

Searching online for “roofers near me in Kennewick, WA?” For your most affordable roofing option, contact Roof Maxx. Our simple, safe, and effective roof restoration services can increase the lifespan of your existing roof by up to 15 years at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

The Roof Maxx difference.

Asphalt roofs break down over time because their shingles lose the necessary oils they need to repel water and the elements. Roof Maxx developed a 100% naturally plant-based treatment that adds these necessary oils back into your shingles. It also only takes around two hours to apply, so you don’t have to deal with the stress and mess of a long, expensive roof replacement. On top of that, our revolutionary treatment costs just 20% of what you would spend on a complete roof replacement.

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We know how stressful it can be when you have roof problems, so our friendly team is here to answer any of your Roof Maxx questions. Get in touch with a Roof Maxx roofer near you in Kennewick by sending an email to or give us a call at 509-845-0818. Or, contact us today to schedule your free estimate. 

Safe for you and the environment.Our roof treatment is environmentally safe for you and the pets on your property. Not only is Roof Maxx food-grade and completely safe, just one treatment will keep your roof going strong for another five years. Extending the lifespan of your roof reduces the amount of construction waste in already overflowing landfills, which means Roof Maxx is good for the planet too.

Applying Roof Maxx to just ONE house saves:

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.