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Save your roof by contacting a Roof Maxx roofing contractor in Lehi, UT. 

Why replace your roof, when you can restore it? At Roof Maxx, we’re committed to preserving your roof and saving you money with our revolutionary roof rejuvenation treatment, which will extend the life of your roof up to 15 years—and save you thousands over hiring a typical roofing contractor in Lehi, UT.

What is Roof Maxx?

A change in the way asphalt shingles are manufactured has significantly decreased their lifespan. Instead of lasting 20-30 years, some asphalt shingles begin to fail between 6 to 8 years of life. Asphalt shingles contain important oil that allows them to expand and contract. Over time, this oil evaporates, decreasing their effectiveness and leading to shingles breaking, cracking, or curling. Roof Maxx replaces the lost oil with an all-natural plant-based oil that gives shingles their original flexibility and increases their lifespan by 5 years with a single application.

Does my home need Roof Maxx?

As a roof ages, it will start to show signs of aging and needed repairs. This usually includes missing granules, cracked, curled, or broken shingles, on your roof. Research shows that shingles are starting to fail faster than ever before due to less asphalt being included in production. If you’ve seen these signs on your roof, contact Roof Maxx. A Roof Maxx roofing contractor in Lehi, UT, will carefully inspect your home’s roof to determine if it’s the right fit for our roof rejuvenation services. If it is, we’ll move forward with the application process.

How can Roof Maxx save me money on roof replacement?

Not only is roof replacement a time-consuming and life-disrupting process, but it’s also expensive. Most roof replacements easily cost thousands of dollars. Roof Maxx helps you avoid this price tag by preserving your existing roof and extending its lifespan—all at a fraction of the cost. A single treatment of our roof rejuvenation product adds 5 years of life to your roof and, with up to three treatments every 5 years, it adds up to 15 years. By preserving rather than replacing your roof, you keep more money in your pocket.

Contact a Roof Maxx roofing contractor in Lehi, UT, to start saving with roof rejuvenation.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roof rejuvenation resource in Lehi, UT.

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