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Our roofing contractors in Concord, NC provide powerful and affordable roof rejuvenation.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases you can make, which is why you work so hard to keep it safe. Protecting your home starts with keeping your roof strong, and that’s where Roof Maxx comes in. With our revolutionary roof rejuvenation formula, we improve the performance of your existing shingles at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

What is Roof Maxx and how does it benefit my home?

In Huntersville, there are a number of weather conditions that are affecting your shingles. Each year, we get an average of  43.1 inches of rain, which wears down shingles, loosens fastenings, and creates or worsens leaks. Our high summer temperatures accelerate the drying out process while humidity leaves your home vulnerable to dark stains, mold, or leaks. Roof Maxx ensures your shingles are prepared to handle these weather conditions and more by restoring them to like-new condition. We do this by replenishing the evaporated oil, which is crucial for flexibility. Plus, just one treatment of our roof rejuvenation formula adds five years to your home’s roof and up to fifteen years with regular application. 

How Roof Maxx can help you save money.

Our roofing contractors in Concord, NC, are committed to saving you money. Rather than replacing your roof, an expensive and time-consuming process, we restore the shingles to like-new condition at just 20% the cost of roof replacement. And by extending the lifespan of shingles, the need for roof replacement is postponed, meaning you can save more of your hard-earned money.

Doing our part to protect the environment.

At Roof Maxx, we’re doing our part to reduce waste and clean up the planet. That’s why we’ve created our formula from natural, plant-based oils that are environmentally-friendly and completely safe for both humans and animals. Every roof we treat is keeping old shingles out of landfills, creating a cleaner, healthier planet.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roof rejuvenation resource in Concord, NC.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.