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Roof Maxx roof restoration and rejuvenation is a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.

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When you restore a roof with Roof Maxx, you help find a forever home for a child waiting in foster care.

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Join the revolution with Roof Maxx! Roof Maxx is your source in Charlotte, NC, for expert roof rejuvenation. Our 100% natural, plant-based formula is a safe and effective way to extend the life of your home’s shingles, adding five years of life to your roof per treatment. Using Roof Maxx as a roof replacement alternative is excellent for the planet and easy on your pocketbook!

Do you know that Roof Maxx can extend your roof’s lifespan by up to 15 years? And for a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. Restore the protective oils in your asphalt shingles with our roof rejuvenation services. Save thousands and help the environment with our affordable roofing services in Charlotte, NC.

Roof Rejuvenation & Replacement Alternative in Charlotte, NC.

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Roof Maxx in Charlotte is your answer for saving money, protecting your home, and being environmentally responsible.

Your roof is your home’s first and perhaps most crucial protection. When it begins to fail, the results can be devastating. It starts with small leaks and rapidly spreading water damage, costing you thousands of dollars. It also brings high risks of wood rot, fungus, mold, and other unhealthy home invaders.

Don’t put off roof repairs for fear of the cost. Let Roof Maxx help you maximize the life of your existing roof without sacrificing high-quality protection for your home. It’s safe, easy, and effective.

Did you know that asphalt shingles are not only bad for the environment but are also becoming more expensive while their quality is reducing? That’s not a great combination for a necessary big-budget item. You’re not alone in wanting to put off the hassle and expense of a new roof. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative to roof replacement.

Go for roof rejuvenation instead of replacement and receive the following benefits:

  • Drastically reduced expenses
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • No trips to the landfill
  • No messy, noisy, and lengthy construction process
  • Extend the life of your current roof for as much as 15 years

Roof Rejuvenation vs. Roof Replacement


Is Your Roof Ready for Roof Maxx?

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Asphalt shingles are made of small, sand-like pebbles pressed and held together with natural oils. As this oil dries out, you will notice changes in your shingles. When you start seeing the following signs, your roof can benefit from a Roof Maxx treatment.

  • Sand, pebbles, and debris flaking off and showing up in your gutters and downspouts.
  • Watch for black stains or streaking that are visible from the ground.
  • Note areas that are cracking, breaking, and curling.


Get a free inspection from Roof Maxx, and we’ll give you honest answers about the condition of your roof and what we can do for you!

Get a free inspection from Roof Maxx, and we’ll give you honest answers about the condition of your roof and what we can do for you!

As Roof Maxx dealer, we get the privilege of servicing our community while protecting the planet—it’s unusual to find an opportunity that can do so much good.

Roof Maxx is good for people, the planet, and our pocketbooks. As so many prices seem to only increase, we’re happy to help people delay a significant expense like a new roof as long as possible with our lower-cost alternative.

Get a free estimate for your roof today to see how much you can save over a traditional roof replacement!

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Janice & I were coming back from a missionary assignment in South Africa in 2019 when our grown son Ryan mentioned we should check out a video on the Roof Maxx product. We were so enthusiastic about this product/service that we formed a dealership together. Our goal is for the dealership to become Ryan’s business for the future.Ryan & Tony enjoy playing golf; Janice enjoys working puzzles; Tony participates in voluntary disaster assistance ministry work; Janice & Tony enjoy reading Christian fiction books.

Think about how much waste is put in our landfills each year. With Roof Maxx you can finally extend the life of your existing roof and decrease the amount of waste we put in our landfill exponentially. Not only that but Roof Maxx is a plant-based oil that is friendly to people, plants and animals.

The tree cover in our area contributes to algae/mold/moss growth on roofs, which is an issue we regularly have to deal with.

We offer free roof assessment for residential customers – we also offer roof cleaning & gutter cleaning services.

“Roof Maxx not only provides a green solution to a petroleum-based challenge of losing petroleum oils from a shingle, but also can be as low as 20% of the costs of replacing an old roof.”
Barry McGraw
Director of Product Development and Commercialization, Ohio Soybean Council


Roof Maxx can be applied at a fraction of the cost of replacing your asphalt shingles. The savings can add up to thousands of dollars!

We will happily provide you with a free estimate and transparent information to determine the cost of Roof Maxx treatments for your unique situation.

Our revolutionary rejuvenation treatment is designed to penetrate deeply and restore the protective oils and flexibility of your asphalt shingles. This extends the life of your shingles and renews their water, wind, and sun protection for years to come.
Each treatment by Roof Maxx can extend the life of your current roofing by five years. With additional treatments, you may be able to safely put off a total roof replacement for up to 15 years!
Our roof replacement alternative is plant-based and 100% natural.
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