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Roof Maxx of Grand Rapids, MI

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Our roofing contractors in Grand Rapids, MI, can keep your home’s roof strong for years to come.

Our roofing contractors in Grand Rapids, MI, are committed to keeping your roof strong. When you choose to do our roof rejuvenation treatment, we’ll quickly restore your asphalt shingles to like-new condition and add 5 years of life to your roof with a single application. And, we’ll do it all at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement. 

How does Roof Maxx work?

Asphalt shingles contain important oil that allows them to protect against UV radiation, wind, hail, and precipitation. Over time, shingles begin to dry out and lose the oil necessary for expansion and contraction. As a result, shingles become weak, brittle, and ineffective, leaving your roof prone to leaks and other costly damages. This is where Roof Maxx comes in. Our roof rejuvenation treatment replenishes lost oil and makes your shingles flexible once again.

How does Roof Maxx benefit my home?

Most roofing contractors in Grand Rapids, MI, will repair or replace old shingles, which is a time-consuming and expensive process. Rather than replace shingles, Roof Maxx extends their lifespan with our revolutionary roof rejuvenation treatment. When applied to your roof, it adds 5 years of life to asphalt shingles and can add up to 15 years of life with three treatments. And, the best part is that Roof Maxx services cost just a fraction of most roof replacement projects, keeping more money in your pocket.

The Roof Maxx process.

Before we apply our roof rejuvenation treatment, one of our Roof Maxx dealers will inspect your roof to ensure our services are right for you. We’ll then schedule an appointment for application. During your appointment, we’ll apply our roof rejuvenation treatment. Typically, the process takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. Once your shingles have completely dried, you will get to enjoy a roof with an extra 5 years of life. Roof Maxx is a fast, simple, and affordable alternative to roof replacement, costing only 20% of the cost of a normal roof replacement.

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Roof Maxx is the number one choice for roof  rejuvenation in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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