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Mike and Todd the year they sold Feazel Roofing and moved on to roof preservation.
Our founders Mike and Todd in their early roofing days.

How Roof Maxx brought affordable roofing to Battle Creek, MI.

We know the roofing industry. 

In 1988, our founders, brothers Mike and Todd Feazel, started a roofing company that quickly grew into one of the largest in the country. For the next 25 years, the brothers focused on growing and operating their successful company. However, when the price of asphalt suddenly skyrocketed and less asphalt was included in shingles, our founders sold their company and turned their attention to sustainable roofing.

Less asphalt in shingles means less of the oil needed to keep them strong and flexible. Without this oil, shingles can’t withstand common weather conditions in Battle Creek, like freezing temperatures, high winds, hail, and thunderstorms. As a result, home and business owners were forced to pay thousands for roof replacement, and quality affordable roofing in Battle Creek, MI all but disappeared. Our founders wanted to find a way to replenish the lost oil without replacing the entire shingle. It wasn’t much later that Roof Maxx was created.

My brother and I could see the staggering number of roofs at risk across the country and wanted to do something about it. Now, through Roof Maxx, we’re looking out for asphalt roofs, the people under them, their hard-earned money and the planet.

Mike Feazel
CEO, Roof Maxx

We’re adding more life to your asphalt shingles. 

With the help of the incredible team at Battelle Laboratories, we created a roof rejuvenation formula that replenishes evaporated oils. Roof Maxx is made from natural, plant-based oils that penetrate deep into shingles to restore their original flexibility and durability. Once applied, shingles are made like-new again and get five years added to their lifespan, and up to fifteen with regular treatments. You’ll postpone expensive roof replacement, allowing you to save thousands of dollars. 

Roof Maxx is proud to provide affordable roofing in Battle Creek, MI. Our services cost just a fraction of most roof replacement projects, which means you can spend your hard-earned money on more pressing projects. To learn more about how you can save on roof rejuvenation, schedule a free estimate today. 

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Roof Maxx is your affordable roofing resource in Battle Creek, MI.

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