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Roof Maxx: Your local commercial roofing company in Framingham, MA.

Roof Maxx can save you thousands on your current roof. Our roof rejuvenation treatment is a quick, affordable alternative to repairing or replacing your roof. We can extend the life of the asphalt roof on your commercial property by at least five years—at the fraction of the cost of replacing it. It’s what makes us the top commercial roofing company in Framingham, MA.

Protect your investment and stay in budget.

Your asphalt roof keeps your commercial property safe and protected from the elements. Unfortunately, most modern asphalt roofs need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Damage from UV exposure, rain, humidity, hail, and debris makes shingles brittle and dry, causing expensive damage and leaks. With shingles containing less asphalt than they did before, roofs are failing even sooner.

Roof Maxx has helped thousands of property owners avoid the costs of replacing an asphalt roof. Our roof rejuvenation product is a revolutionary treatment that restores your roof’s natural defenses against the elements and extends its life. Roof Maxx is a 100% natural, plant-based oil that penetrates your asphalt shingles to restore their flexibility and strength.

Extend your asphalt roof life by up to 15 years.

As your commercial roofing contractor in Framingham, MA, we are dedicated to helping property owners get as much life out of their roofs as possible. A single application extends the life of an asphalt roof by five years. Depending on the age of the roof, it can be treated up to three times—adding up to 15 years of life.

Reduce your budget by up to 90%.Reduce your budget by up to 90%.

Roof Maxx costs just a fraction of a roof replacement. This means your expenses for roof repair and maintenance will come in under budget, freeing up money for other projects.

It's business as usual.It's business as usual.

A roof replacement can disrupt your tenants or employees and temporarily damage the appearance of your property. On the other hand, Roof Maxx is simple and mess-free.

Good for the earth.Good for the earth.

Our product is plant-based and completely safe for property, people, and pets. It’s a sustainable solution that keeps construction waste out of landfills and replaces the oils in shingles with natural bio-oils.

Enterprise pricing.Enterprise pricing.

If you have another property in another city or state, Roof Maxx has a location that can help. We’re available nationwide with comparable pricing everywhere.

100% tax-deductible.100% tax-deductible.

Total roof replacement simply doesn’t come with the same perks as Roof Maxx. Our treatment is tax-deductible in the year you pay for it and is just a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Roof Maxx is ready to help your business get the most out of your roof while protecting your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate from our commercial roofing company in Framingham, MA.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company in Framingham, MA.

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