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A complete roof replacement can easily cost $15,000 or more. Why not choose roof restoration instead? With Roof Maxx’s revolutionary roof restoration treatment, you’ll save thousands of dollars by extending the life of your current roof. That’s why we’re the clear choice of roofers near you in Westminster, MD.

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All roofs will begin to lose durability and flexibility after years of exposure to the sun and the elements. Thanks to Roof Maxx, our 100% natural plant-based roof treatment gives shingles back their durability and flexibility, allowing them to continue protecting your home for five years. Roof Maxx is only 20% of the cost of a roof replacement and can be applied up to three times, adding up to 15 total years to your roof’s life expectancy.

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Questions about Roof Maxx or interested in a free consultation? Fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you toward preserving the life of your roof. You can also email us at or give us a call at 717-680-9554.

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Roof Maxx extends the life of your roof, saves you thousands of dollars, and helps protect the environment from the buildup of construction waste in landfills. If you’re looking for “roofers near me” in Westminster, MD, don’t hesitate to contact Roof Maxx. We’ll schedule a free estimate and start saving you money.

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