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Our commercial roofing company in Rockford, IL can save you thousands on your maintenance budget. 

Replacing a commercial roofing system can cost tens of thousands of dollars. With Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation, your property’s roof can get additional years of life at a fraction of what it would cost to tear all the asphalt shingles out and replace them. Our commercial roofing company in Rockford, IL is ready to get you started on saving. 

Roof Maxx treatment works on all sorts of properties and on all kinds of asphalt shingle roofs. 

As your trusted roofing contractor in Rockford, IL, we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy, strong roof. However, asphalt shingles are being manufactured with less asphalt than before and consequently contain fewer of the natural oils needed to stay flexible and pliant longer. That’s where our roof rejuvenation can make all the difference. 

Rockford, IL is known for having long, warm, wet summers, and freezing, dry, and windy winters. This can cause the shingles on your commercial property’s roof to begin to dry out before their time, and it’s not uncommon for roofs to fail as early as 6-8 years. Thankfully, Roof Maxx restores flexibility and pliability to old, brittle, or dry shingles, adding five years of additional life to your roof at just 20% of the cost of a roof replacement.

Enjoy up to 15 additional years of life from your roof. 

One treatment of Roof Maxx can add up to five years of life to an asphalt roof. Each roof we treat can enjoy three separate treatments given once every five years. This means up to 15 more years of additional life for your commercial roof.

Reduce your budget by up to 90%.Reduce your budget by up to 90%.

Replacing a roof is expensive. Roof Maxx is only a fraction of what a total replacement would cost you.

It's business as usual.It's business as usual.

The application process takes one to two hours, so there’s no disruption to your tenants or employees.

Good for the earth.Good for the earth.

Our product is USDA approved and safe for everyone: pets, people, and the environment.

Enterprise pricing.Enterprise pricing.

You can find Roof Maxx all across the U.S., so if you have commercial properties across the nation, enjoy enterprise pricing at all your locations.

100% tax-deductible.100% tax-deductible.

Enjoy your full tax deduction the year in which you use Roof Maxx—it qualifies as a maintenance expense.

Learn more about our commercial roofing company in Rockford, IL. 

See the results of Roof Maxx for yourself in a study done by The Ohio State University in which they tested our product on a 17-year-old shingle, and contact us today to schedule a free estimate and learn for yourself how much we can save you. See the results of The Ohio State University’s test of Roof Maxx on a 17-year-old shingle.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company and roof rejuvenation resource in Rockford, IL. 

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With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.