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Save money with Roof Maxx roofing company in Champaign, IL.

Rain, sun, snow, hail—your asphalt shingle roof needs to protect your home against all types of weather, which it can’t do if it’s dried out. Without its natural oils, your shingles can’t flex during temperature changes and will begin to crack, flake, or even mold. Luckily, our roofing company in Champaign, IL offers a roof rejuvenation option that can restore the flexibility of your shingles and extend the life of your roof by five years per treatment—all while saving you thousands of dollars over a roof replacement.

We offer protection and savings with Roof Maxx.

Roof Maxx can begin protecting roofs as young as six years old, depending on the climate of the area. We’ve also saved roofs as old as 30! By using revolutionary technology, we can instill your asphalt shingles with 100% natural, plant-based oils that will make your roof as good as new. Our treatment itself is great for the environment, safe for you and your pets, and keeps shingles out of landfills for years. Best of all, our roof rejuvenation option costs 15-20% of a complete roof replacement, meaning you can save your roof and your budget simultaneously when you work with our roofing company in Champaign, IL.

When should I get Roof Maxx?

Every asphalt shingle has small, sand-like pebbles that are held together by asphalt which keeps shingles performing correctly.  Once you notice these pebbles in your gutters or downspouts, contact us and we’ll be able to let you know if your roof is a good fit for Roof Maxx. Contact us today—your bank account will thank you for it.

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It’s this simple:

We'll Assess Your Roof.We'll Assess Your Roof.

One of our experts will assess your roof to see if it’s ready for roof rejuvenation. If it is, we’ll schedule an appointment for application.

We'll Apply Roof Maxx.We'll Apply Roof Maxx.

Roof Maxx only takes a couple of hours to apply. We’ll do a roof tune-up beforehand to ensure that all goes well.

Five Years. Guaranteed.Five Years. Guaranteed.

Roof Maxx will extend the lifespan of your roof by five years. This warranty is transferable if you move.

Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company in Champaign, IL.

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