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Roof Maxx, our commercial roofing company in Conway, AR, can save you thousands by adding years to your roof’s life.

Our commercial roofing company in Conway, AR, is equipped to add up to 15 years to your asphalt roof’s life at a fraction of the cost of a total roof replacement. Our roof rejuvenation process is simple and fast—we’ll be there and done before you know it. 

Roof Maxx will rejuvenate your asphalt shingles.

Roof Maxx founders were in the roofing business for decades before they switched over to finding a cure for roof sustainability. So, you could say they know a thing or two about roofing. That’s why you can trust your Roof Maxx commercial roofing contractors in Conway, AR, to understand the importance of having a sound roofing system. 

That’s why Roof Maxx was created: to transform brittle, dry shingles into flexible, pliable shingles that are better able to protect your property from the weather. Today’s asphalt shingles are being manufactured in such a way that they lose a vital amount of the natural oil they need to function properly.  

Roof Maxx changes that, penetrating deep into the layers of asphalt shingles and restoring needed oils. One treatment can add up to 5 years of additional life to your commercial building’s roof. Roof Maxx is effective on roofs exposed to Conway’s hot, muggy summers and cold, wet winters—and they can be treated as young as 6 to 8 years of age. Treatment also works on significantly older shingles.

See how many years Roof Maxx can give your roof. 

Each roof we treat can have up to three separate applications of Roof Maxx, applied once every 5 years. This means your roof could potentially have up to 15 years left to give and protect your commercial property from the weather.

Reduce your budget by up to 90%.Reduce your budget by up to 90%.

A roof replacement costs thousands or even tens of thousands in some instances. Roof Maxx treatment will cost you a fraction of that price while also adding years to the lives of your shingles.

It's business as usual.It's business as usual.

Getting a roof replaced can take days if not weeks, and can be quite messy on top of it. Not so with Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation—treatment usually takes one to two hours.

Good for the earth.Good for the earth.

Our product is approved by the USDA and is safe for everyone and everything, including pets, people, and the environment.

Enterprise pricing.Enterprise pricing.

Roof Maxx is spread throughout the country. If your commercial properties are too, talk with us about enterprise pricing.

100% tax-deductible.100% tax-deductible.

Roof Maxx treatment qualifies as maintenance on tax forms and can be a deductible expense the year you purchase it. In comparison, a roof replacement will cost you significantly more and depreciates over time.

Discover how effective Roof Maxx truly is.

Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation treatment was used in a study by The Ohio State University. They tested our product on a 17-year-old shingle, and the results speak volumes. Check out those results and contact us today to schedule a free estimate and see for yourself how much Roof Maxx can save you. See the results of The Ohio State University’s test of Roof Maxx on a 17-year-old shingle.

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company in Conway, AR.

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