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DIY Terms & Conditions & Information

Congratulations on your investment in your asphalt shingle roof. Roof Maxx will provide years of prolonged shingle performance at a fraction of the cost and eliminate the hassle and disruption of installing a new roof. 

***Please read the following information thoroughly and carefully. There is important safety and application information that will assist you in the safe and efficient application of the Roof Maxx asphalt rejuvenation product. By purchasing and/or applying the Roof Maxx Product, you accept the following Terms, Conditions, and Other Product Notices***


We are proud to provide a two (2) year guarantee that ensures that your delivered product is free from any defects in manufacturing, quality, or composition. During this period, Roof Maxx will replace (at its cost) any unused product that is determined to be defective or otherwise not capable of being successfully applied to your shingles.  

This Product Guarantee is only available to the original purchaser. Only the product that is (and has been) in its original container may be evaluated and/or guaranteed hereunder. Any improper modifications or preparation to the product after receipt will disqualify the product for replacement. After delivery of the product, you should apply as soon as practicable. It should be stored in a climate-controlled environment, not exceeding temperature extremes of below 36°F or above 100°F. The product must be applied to the asphalt shingle roof within twelve (12) months of receipt of the product.


Roof Maxx is generally safe for people, plants, pets, and property. However, it is still a product that should be applied with the following care and caution:

  1. You acknowledge and understand that the Product is a “soy-based oil” and therefore “slippery.” Proper application and safety procedures must be followed to avoid injury or death.
  2. Roof Maxx will not be held responsible for any claims relating to slip or fall or another injury attendant to your application of the product.
  3. Roof Maxx recommends you follow OSHA  and/or other industry or government safety rules & guidelines.   
  4. You apply Roof Maxx at your own risk. The proper roof and product preparation and application techniques can be found by clicking: Application. If you are unsure about the proper application procedures and precautions, contact Roof Maxx before proceeding with the application.
  5. Roof Maxx is slippery for a period of time after initial application. It is designed to penetrate and absorb into your shingles but can remain on the shingle surface for varying periods based on the shingle, weather, and application conditions. 
  6. TAKE ALL NECESSARY precautions while applying it to your roof. This may include fall protection or hiring a competent tradesman.
  7. Roof Maxx contains several compounds that can cause skin irritation if in contact for prolonged periods. When applying Roof Maxx, take sufficient care not to avoid coming into prolonged contact with the product. 
  8. You can find additional information and safety care and instructions by clicking: [RM-MSDS].
  9. Roof Maxx should not be used for any other purpose than treating asphalt shingles as described herein and otherwise demonstrated in the application video and related materials. Any other use is strictly discouraged and forbidden.


Roof Maxx product is not available for refund or return. The customer agrees that unless covered by the Guarantee contained herein, the product sale is final and Roof Maxx will not retrieve or otherwise refund any amounts paid for the product. 

If you have ANY questions about the product, please contact Roof Maxx before application. Roof Maxx can be contacted at:

Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC
7385 St Rt 3, #54
Westerville, OH 43082

Roof Maxx 5 Star Transferable Warranty

Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.