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Roof Maxx, the commercial roofing company in Concord, NC, that’s providing high-quality, affordable roof care.

Replacing your roof is one way to ensure that rain, wind, and heat stay outside. But, roof replacement is expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive. So rather than spending the time and money to replace shingles, rejuvenate them with Roof Maxx. Our commercial roofing company in Concord, NC, restores shingles to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

Offices, warehouses, retail stores, and hotels.

No matter what type of business you’re running or operating, your shingles are what protect your employees, customers, and merchandise from the elements. In Mooresville, rain is one of the biggest threats to your commercial property. As springtime begins and rain falls more often, shingles begin to curl or buckle, which then leads to leaks. Additionally, shingles that have been weakened by the rain are more likely to lift up or be torn off by the wind. If you’ve noticed missing shingles or missing granules, you’ll want to contact a Roof Maxx commercial roofing contractor in Concord, NC.

Our roof rejuvenation formula ensures shingles are prepared for heavy rain, UV radiation, and humidity. It works by replenishing the old, dried out oil found in shingles with natural plant-based oils. Once applied, shingles regain their original functionality and can expand and contract more effectively, ensuring the elements are kept out of your property. Plus, one treatment with Roof Maxx adds 5 years to your commercial roof and up to 15 with regular treatments. We do all this at 20% of the cost of roof replacement, helping you to save thousands.

Get more life out of your roof while saving your budget.

Our commercial roofing company in Concord, NC, is committed to getting the most use out of your shingles as possible. This ensures you’re not spending thousands on premature roof replacement.

Reduce your budget by up to 90%.Reduce your budget by up to 90%.

Roof Maxx postpones the need for roof replacement by extending your roof’s lifespan. Plus, our services cost a fraction of roof replacement.

It's business as usual.It's business as usual.

Applying Roof Maxx’s treatment takes just a few hours, allowing your customers and employees to carry on as normal. There’s also no loud banging or strong odors to deal with as well.

Good for the earth.Good for the earth.

Our roof rejuvenation formula is made from natural plant-based oils that are safe for the environment, humans, and animals. Every roof we treat helps reduce the number of old shingles in construction landfills.

Enterprise pricing.Enterprise pricing.

Whether you have businesses throughout North Carolina or across the US, you’ll enjoy the same great pricing from Roof Maxx nationwide.

100% tax-deductible.100% tax-deductible.

Save even more on roof maintenance by deducting the entire expense of Roof Maxx from your taxes the year you pay for it.

See Roof Maxx in action.

The Ohio State University wanted to see how effective Roof Maxx was, so they applied our formula to a 17-year-old shingle. They were surprised to discover that Roof Maxx restored the shingle to like-new condition. You can read the results from their study here.

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With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.