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Roof Maxx a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.

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Our roofing company in Evansville, IN saves your roof and your money.

Asphalt shingles are drying out and failing faster than they did in the past. This spells bad news for your asphalt shingle roof, which is supposed to protect you and your home year-round. The good news is that our roofing company in Evansville, IN offers state-of-the-art roof rejuvenation technology that not only restores your shingles’ flexibility, but also adds five years to its lifespan with a single application.

Add up to 15 years with Roof Maxx.

There’s no better option for roof rejuvenation than Roof Maxx. Your roof needs to protect your family from our midwestern climate, which adds a lot of wear and tear to asphalt shingles. Your shingles can’t expand and contract when they need to if they’re dried out. Roof Maxx works by replenishing natural oil to add five years of life. This revolutionary technology can help roofs as young as 6-8 years old. We also regularly treat roofs around 20 years old, and even up to 30.

When is my roof ready for Roof Maxx?

There are clear signs that will let you know when it’s time for Roof Maxx. When the oils in your shingles begin to dry out, you’ll notice small sand-like granules flaking off in your gutters and downspouts. Other common signs include black streaks, cracked shingles, breaking, or even curling. However, as each roof is different, the best way to tell if it’s ready for roof rejuvenation is to contact our roofing company in Evansville, IN.

It All Adds Up

Contact our roofing company in Evansville, IN

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Here’s what the Roof Maxx process entails:

We'll Assess Your Roof.We'll Assess Your Roof.

And we’ll decide if it’s the right time for Roof Maxx. If not, we’ll let you know what condition your roof is in and where to go from here.

We'll Apply Roof Maxx.We'll Apply Roof Maxx.

After a quick roof tune-up, we’ll apply Roof Maxx. The entire application process is very quick and only requires about an hour or two.

Five Years. Guaranteed.Five Years. Guaranteed.

Roof Maxx uses all-natural bio-oil to restore your asphalt shingles’ flexibility. Each application adds five years to your roof’s lifespan, ensuring you get maximum protection. Our warranty is also transferable to new homeowners within that time.

Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company in Evansville, IN

How do I know if my roof is ready for Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles contain small, sand-like pebbles that stick together when shingles natural oils are intact. Once those oils start to dry out with age, you may see the granules flaking off in your gutters or downspouts. You might also notice black stains and streaks or shingles cracking, breaking, and curling. Since each roof is different, your local dealer will perform a free inspection to tell if Roof Maxx can help you.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.