Premature Roof Failure, Manufacturing Defects, and Class Action Lawsuits Plague Roofing Industry

Note: If you feel that your property has been damaged due to a manufacturer’s defect, consult an attorney. Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC, its employees, and its independently owned and operated dealers do not offer legal advice on the matters outlined below.

Roofing Veteran and Industry Insider Turns Whistleblower

My name is Mike Feazel. Over the course of 25 years, my brother Todd and I grew Feazel Roofing to become one of the nation’s premier residential roofing companies. We sold our business in 2013 to focus on roofing sustainability because of what I’m about to tell you.

In the early 2000s, changes began to happen with the manufacturing process of asphalt shingles. At first the change was slow, and nobody really seemed to notice. As time went on, things began changing at an ever-increasing pace until we finally arrived at where we are today. A simple Google search for “roof class action lawsuit” and you’ll find pages and pages of information on the topic.

Right now, tens of millions of homeowners are at great risk of having a premature roof failure and the subsequent property damage resulting from leaks, which can take years before showing up inside the home—many have already paid the price. One class action settlement alone included roughly 6 million property owners. Unfortunately, most of the payouts received are minimal, and in many cases hardly enough to clean out the gutters.

It’s difficult to detect a prematurely failing roof without actually climbing up onto the roof. Here’s an article I wrote for Roofing Contractor magazine on the topic back in 2008 “Inspect to Protect Against Defects” .

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Syndicated Columnist, Founder of and Author of Roofing Ripoff Speaks Out

Tim Carter is a master carpenter, master plumber, master roof cutter and has done just about  everything you can imagine. He’s the real deal. Ask the Builder started as a syndicated newspaper column in October, 1993, a few months after Tim was named one of the Big 50 Remodelers by Remodeling Magazine. The Ask the Builder column still appears each week in about sixty newspapers nationwide. Tim’s is the oldest and most quoted first-person home improvement site on the internet.

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It’s normal for shingles to lose the colored ceramic granules. However, it’s not normal for it to happen when the shingle’s only halfway through its expected lifespan.


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Ten Years After Installation, My 25-Year Roof Is Failing

The homeowner who was assured that his or her new roof would last 25 or 30 years is not going to be happy when deterioration is evident or leaks develop only five, seven, or 10 years later. A rarity? Not at all.

— JIM CORY, Senior Contributing Editor to Professional Remodeler

Cory, J. “Ten Years After Installation, My 25-Year Roof Is Failing.” Professional Remodeler. Retrieved on September 9, 2018 from