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Call us at 1-855-ROOFMAXX

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Mike and Todd the year they sold Feazel Roofing and moved on to roof preservation.
Our founders Mike and Todd in their early roofing days.

Roof Maxx, your source for affordable roofing in East Greenville, SC.

We serve you with 5-star service.

Roof Maxx is proud to offer affordable roofing in East Greenville, SC. After decades in the roofing industry, founders Mike and Todd Feazel committed themselves to developing a way to extend the life of a roof at an affordable price. With the help of Battelle Labs, our innovative, 100% plant-based treatment was born. It’s a simpler, faster, and more affordable alternative to total roof replacement.

As your exclusive Roof Maxx Dealer, we provide nothing short of five-star service. Roof Maxx is a nationwide brand, but our dealership is owned and operated locally by Troy Louis right here in Greenville, SC. Our treatment is an environmentally-friendly, innovative, and preferable alternative to roof replacement.

My brother and I could see the staggering number of roofs at risk across the country and wanted to do something about it. Now, through Roof Maxx, we’re looking out for asphalt roofs, the people under them, their hard-earned money and the planet.

Mike Feazel
CEO, Roof Maxx

How we do it.

In just three simple steps, we’ll extend the lifespan of your roof by five years. First, we’ll send a Roof Maxx technician to your home to perform a careful inspection. Next, we’ll advise you on any leaks, damage, or other issues with your roof and can perform a roof tune up. Finally, we’ll apply Roof Maxx, which is completed in just two hours.

As your local Roof Maxx dealer, we work tirelessly to provide an effective, affordable product and superior service to our fellow community members. Want to learn more about our solution to affordable roofing in East Greenville, SC? Contact us today to schedule a free quote.

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Roof Maxx is your affordable roofing resource in East Greenville, SC.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.