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Our roofing contractors in North Beaverton, OR, will save you thousands on roof replacement.

Your roof is what keeps you, your family, and your possessions safe. Help keep it strong with Roof Maxx, the best roofing contractor in North Beaverton, OR. Roof Maxx can add up to 5 to 15 years of life to your current roof at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. 

Does my roof need Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles contain oils that allow them to expand and contract as the weather changes. This expansion and contraction is the function that keeps your home protected. However, as a roof ages, these oils dry out, leaving shingles weak, brittle, and ineffective. Common signs of an aging roof include missing granules around your gutters or downspouts, cracked, broken, or curled shingles, and black stains around your chimney. If your roof is showing signs of aging, Roof Maxx is a roof rejuvenation treatment that replaces the dried out oil, giving shingles back their flexibility. Asphalt shingles are restored to like-new condition and get back their original durability and waterproofing abilities.

How does Roof Maxx work?

Roof Maxx is a roof rejuvenation product made from a 100% natural, plant-based oil. Once it is applied to your roof, it penetrates deep into the asphalt shingles and restores the essential oil that keeps it flexible. The application process takes about 2 hours and is mess-free. Each treatment adds 5 years of life to your roof, and each roof can have up to three treatments, adding up to 15 years of life.

What is the Roof Maxx treatment process like?

Roof replacement is expensive, life-disrupting, loud, and time-consuming. Roof Maxx allows you to avoid all of this with a process that is fast, simple, and a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement. Our process begins with a Roof Maxx expert visiting your home and assessing your roof to determine if Roof Maxx is a good fit. If it is, we’ll schedule an appointment for application. Most applications of Roof Maxx take an hour or two to complete. Our product is safe for both people and pets, so you can be home during the whole process.

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Add five years of life to your home’s roof with Roof Maxx, the best roofing contractor in North Beaverton, OR.  

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