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Your search for “roofers near me” in Reno, NV is over. Roof Maxx offers a different kind of affordable roofing. In fact, our state-of-the-art treatment can add five years of life to your current roof, saving you thousands of dollars by avoiding an expensive roof replacement. 

Roof Maxx restores the natural oils found in asphalt shingles.

We know roofs, and as a local company, we know Reno. First, we inspect your roof to ensure it can withstand the seasonal conditions that our local climate throws at your roof, from extreme heat to snow.  We’ll advise you on any necessary repairs you need to make to your current roof, then we will apply our environmentally-safe roof treatment to restore the oils in your asphalt shingles. This fast and simple process adds up to 15 years to the life of your roof after a total of three treatments.

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If your roof needs work, you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately, our team of roof restoration experts has answers. We are your source for roofers near you in Reno, NV, and we love talking about roofing. We especially love talking about how we can save you money with our innovative roof restoration service. Send an email to or give us a call at 775-796-8528 for expert roofing advice.

Reno’s trusted local roofing company.

We’re proud to help commercial and residential homeowners save time and money while also protecting the environment from unnecessary waste. For every roof we treat, we help reduce the amount of asphalt shingles populating our landfills. And our roof rejuvenation application is 100% plant-based and safe for use around your family, pets, and home.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.