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When you’re searching for “roofers near me in Edwardsville, IL,” you get a lot of options. But for the roofers who can save you thousands of dollars by helping you get more out of your current roof, you need Roof Maxx. In just a couple of hours, we can add five years of life to your roof with just one treatment.

Roof Maxx keeps your roof going strong.

Asphalt roofs don’t last as long as they used to. The problem lies in the shingles, which contain oils that they need in order to expand and contract with changes in the weather. As they age, they lose these oils and become brittle. This leaves your roof and the structure below vulnerable to the elements. That’s a major issue in a climate like ours with cold, windy winters and higher than average rainfall. You need a roof that can stand up to the weather. Fortunately, Roof Maxx has pioneered a roof rejuvenation product that adds years of life to your roof. See the results of The Ohio State University’s test of Roof Maxx on a 17-year-old shingle.

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Contact Roof Maxx to learn more about our roof rejuvenation service. Our experts can answer all your questions and schedule a free estimate. You can fill out the form below, send Kris Dothager email at, or give us a call at 618-616-1831. Your local Roof Maxx roofer near you in Edwardsville, IL will be in touch with you soon.

We save the planet by saving your roof.

Roof Maxx is the sustainable roofing choice. Our product is 100% natural and completely safe for all the people and animals on your property. We also do our part for the planet by keeping the shingles on your roof and keeping them out of the landfill. We can add up to 15 years of life to your roof, which adds up to a lot of savings—for you and for the environment.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.