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Our roofing contractors in West Macon, GA, will save you thousands on roof replacement.

Your roofing system is one of the most important parts of your house. Without a sound roof, your home, loved ones, and belongings could potentially be at the mercy of the elements. Roof Maxx roofing contractors in Macon, GA, can add 5 years to the life of an asphalt roof with just one treatment, keeping your shingles strong so they can protect your property for years to come. This is done at a significant discount, compared to replacing your roof. 

Why Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles don’t last as long as they used to. Alterations in how they’re made means they now contain less asphalt. This means they also have less of the oil naturally found in asphalt that keeps them flexible and functioning properly. Roof Maxx was created to combat that issue. One treatment can add five years of life to your asphalt shingles, saving you from the expensive prospect of a total roof replacement. With hot, muggy summers and wet winters, asphalt roofs in Macon, GA, can be treated with roof rejuvenation as young as 8 years of age. Roof Maxx also works wonders on roofs significantly older than that—even as old as 15-20+ years of age.

Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation saves you money. Period.

A roof replacement costs thousands and takes a great deal of time and energy to put in place. Roof Maxx only takes one to two hours at most to apply and adds five years of life to your shingles with just one treatment, all at just 20% of the cost of a total roof replacement. So you save both your time and money when you choose Roof Maxx roof rejuvenation. With three treatments possible, that’s an additional 15 years you get out of your roof.

What makes Roof Maxx so special?

Roof Maxx is all-natural and safe for pets, plants, people, and the environment. Treatment is designed to replenish lost oils in asphalt shingles so that they can function properly and avoid needing premature replacement. Our product penetrates deeply into brittle shingles, restoring them to like-new conditions of flexibility so that your home will be better protected. Get in touch with our roofing contractors in West Macon, GA, to schedule a free estimate today and discover if it’s time for Roof Maxx to save you thousands. 

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Roof Maxx is your trusted roof rejuvenation resource in West Macon, GA.

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