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Lake Havasu City, AZ

Roof Maxx a safe, easy, proven and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.

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How our roofing company in Lake Havasu City, AZ, can save you thousands. 

We live in a desert. It’s a beautiful, pleasant town on the banks of Lake Havasu, but it’s a desert nonetheless, and that affects the asphalt shingles on our roofs. Between the sun and the heat, shingles dry out pretty quickly near us. The UV rays make roofs fail more quickly than in areas with less sunlight. As a local roofing company in Lake Havasu City, AZ, we like the climate, but it means roofs need to be replaced more often and that’s a huge expense—an expense that Roof Maxx is here to help with.  

Eliminate and restore dry shingles with Roof Maxx.

When shingles are produced, natural oils contained in asphalt make them effective at staving off the elements and keeping our homes safe. Over time, the oil in your shingles evaporates and the shingles begin to deteriorate. They become brittle and need to be replaced. Every homeowner knows that a roof replacement is a big expense, but Roof Maxx can maximize the effectiveness of your roof and add five years to its life for just 20% of the cost of a replacement. And with three possible applications, your roof lasts 15 years longer, saving you thousands of dollars.

Roof Maxx is 100% natural and good for the environment.

Our revolutionary roof restoration treatment restores the protective oils to your shingles, adding five years of life to your roof per treatment, and saving you thousands of dollars over a roof replacement. Our 100% natural, plant-based formula is quick to apply, safe for you and your household, good for the environment, and an outstanding price. Contact our roofing company in Lake Havasu City today so we can give you a free estimate for your home or business.

It All Adds Up

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How Roof Maxx works:

We'll Assess Your Roof.We'll Assess Your Roof.

We can tell if Roof Maxx is a good fit for your roof. If we find major issues, we’ll let you know what they are. But if everything looks good? We’ll make an appointment to come back for your treatment.

We'll Apply Roof Maxx.We'll Apply Roof Maxx.

When we come back, we’ll make sure your roof is ready to go and then spend the next couple of hours applying Roof Maxx.

Five Years. Guaranteed.Five Years. Guaranteed.

Each treatment will last for five years. That’s five more years of flexibility and waterproofing, with the oils restored to your shingles. If you move, our warranty can transfer to the new owner.

Roof Maxx is your trusted roofing company in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

How do I know if my roof is ready for Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles contain small, sand-like pebbles that stick together when shingles natural oils are intact. Once those oils start to dry out with age, you may see the granules flaking off in your gutters or downspouts. You might also notice black stains and streaks or shingles cracking, breaking, and curling. Since each roof is different, your local dealer will perform a free inspection to tell if Roof Maxx can help you.

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Let us meet your needs as your roofing company in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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Five Year Transferable Warranty

With our five-year, transferable warranty, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your roof and entire home are protected.