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If I’m Allergic to Soybeans, Could I Also Be Allergic to Roof Maxx?

We’ve never heard of an allergic reaction to Roof Maxx and here’s why it’s highly unlikely we ever will: According to the Ohio Soybean Council, soybean-based allergies are caused by proteins in whole soybeans. But since the soybean-based ingredient in Roof Maxx, soy methyl ester, comes from the transesterification of soybean oil that no longer contains this allergen protein, Roof Maxx shouldn’t trigger soybean allergies. In fact, tests have proven that people allergic to the proteins in soybeans aren’t allergic to soybean oil.

It also helps that Roof Maxx fully soaks into asphalt shingles within an hour of being applied, making it unlikely that you’ll come in contact with the Roof Maxx product. But if any overspray were to land anywhere on your property, rest assured that it’s completely safe for people, plants, pets and the environment. And it’s easily rinsed off with a garden hose.

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